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This is a game about living with obsessive compulsive tendencies.

It is designed to represent, through gameplay, the everyday struggles of living with a mental disease such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Obsessive Intrusive Thoughts, Anxiety, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

This game does not represent any person's particular experience.
This game does not represent everyone's particular experience.
This game is not a simulator and should not be viewed as a simulation of any person's experience.

This game is not meant to be used for self-diagnosis. It is a work of fiction.

This game includes sensitive topics and gameplay elements which may be distressing for some players. Player discretion is advised.


Sabrina Boyd - Sound Design
Cole Carlin - Writing and Programming
Leroy Dawson - Art
Elonka Dunin - Cypher Algorithm
Jesse Humphries - Programming and Storyboarding
Kimberly Lewis - Programming
Will Padgett - Music Composition
Matt Surka - Sound Design


An Alarm Is Ringing.zip 53 MB

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